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Who Does the Left Attack? Effective Conservatives.

Updated: Jan 7

Any time a conservative is effective in achieving conservative legislative priorities, the Left attacks them. They use character assassination, sometimes from events four decades past.

  • They painted Trump as a lecherous man who betrayed his country to Russia. All lies.

  • They brought accusations about Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh from forty years ago. All lies.

  • They attacked Ted Cruz for events when he was in college thirty years ago. All lies.

  • They've attacked solid conservative sin Texas like Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller, Texas State Sen. Bob Hall, Texas State Rep. Bryan Slaton. All lies.

I was very effective in building political power to achieve Republican Legislative Priorities, especially the gender modification priority. I've had my fair share of hit pieces in the media. Here's a few whoppers to laugh at.

They shop these kinds of hit pieces around to naive conservative groups to prevent solid conservatives from getting elected. Any conservative who's been effective has had the leftist media go into attack mode on them. If the Left is attacking, you're over the target, keep going!

On the other hand, if the Left isn't going after a candidate, that's kind of suspicious. If the Left doesn't think a guy is worth attacking, he's probably not worth electing.

Good Press from Conservatives

The Left came after me in the press, but I've also had lots of support form conservative news organizations.

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