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The Way Forward

The only way forward for conservatives is to re-establish federalism. Texas doesn't have to be like California. The states must seize control of their own destiny.

This requires:

  1. A total rejection of the provincial status the federal government accords the states. The federal government was created by and for the states. That relationship has been reversed. The states are now subservient to the federal government. Instead of independent states, the US has become a country of mere provinces like Canada. Even countries like Switzerland and Germany have states that are more independent that ours.

  2. A geographically contiguous coalition of states committed to opposing the federal leviathan. One state, not even Texas, by itself, cannot re-establish the constitutional relationship between the States. It'll take a coalition of states, using all the instruments of nation power.

  3. The diminution and eventual eradication of the federal Administrative State. We are ruled by regulations not laws. The regulations are created and enforced by unaccountable agencies. These agencies impose enormous unfounded mandates on the states. We can't let that continue.

  4. Citizens who are willing to support and sustain candidates who will do the hard, dirty work. They won't look like diplomats or statesmen. They will look like Sam Houston, Andrew Jackson, U.S. Grant, and other hard-charging men. People get the government they deserve. The voters have to be willing to elect tough, aggressive, and street-smart representatives.

Are you one of those citizens? For the future of Texas.

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