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Promoting Degeneracy to Children Should be a Crime

If you choose me to represent you, I will make it a criminal offense for school administrators or anyone to promote sexually explicit materials to kids.

McKinney, Texas school district believes that kids should read books containing explicit child sex scenes and child rape.

Among the controversial books parents are protesting is “The Perks of Being a Wallflower,” a 1999 novel that contains explicit descriptions of minors engaging in sex and a teenager being raped. “This upsets me as a parent. I can’t believe they think this book is okay for students to read, and they claim it’s educational,” McKinney mom Rachel Elliott told Texas Scorecard. Elliott, whose daughter is a fourth grader in the district, asked officials there to remove the book, which is currently in the district’s three high school libraries. She contends young students like her daughter are able to check out “Wallflower” and other books with mature content that Elliott says no kid under 18 should be given access to at school. On Friday, the district denied Elliott’s request. A letter from McKinney ISD Deputy Superintendent Melinda DeFelice said the book “meets the selection criteria” in the board’s policy on instructional resources. “Therefore, the book will continue to circulate without restriction,” DeFelice wrote, adding Elliott can appeal the district’s decision.

Source: Texas Scorecard

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