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Enact Bob Hall's Bill to Harden the Texas Energy Grid

Bob Hall is either going to chew bubble gum or fix the Texas power grid. He's all out of bubble gum.

How do you know a guy can be trusted? When he makes predictions and they come true, over and over again. That's Texas Sen. Bob Hall. Sen. Hall has been trying since 2015 to harden the Texas power grid. Check out this video from way back.

Sen. Hall is an electrical engineer. He is a veteran. He understands threat assessment of vital infrastructure. He's done the work to both understand the problem and how to fix it. He's repeatedly filed bills to get it done.

Why hasn't he got more traction in the legislature on SB1606? I'm not sure. IT was killed in the Calendars Committee, where all good conservative legislation goes to die at the hands of the Establishment.

But if I am elected, I will champion Sen. Hall's bill in the House. I have a track record of following bills in the Calendar committee.

Sen. Bob Hall is a true Texas patriot. He's got the answer to a major Texas issue. We all need to support him.

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