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Secure the Border

Border security is the most fundamental and essential responsibility of a sovereign nation. The Constitution of the United States requires the federal government to repel invasions of illegal immigrants on Texas' southern border. The federal government isn't doing it.

Texas has to act on its own. We have authority under the Constitution to repel invasion when "actually invaded." Over a million people have lawlessly entered our State. These lawless incursions cost Texas over $850 million a year. And those are just the direct costs. The State of Texas has the authority and the duty to secure the border, with or without the federal government's help.

  1. The Legislature should fund a Border Defense Unit (BDU) in the Texas State Guard, a part of the Texas Military Department. The BDU should be an active component, not a weekend duty. Guardsmen should be trained in long-range surveillance, electronic intelligence, man tracking, armed response, and police liaison. They should operate like a land-based Coast Guard protecting Texas from border incursions, vectoring in law enforcement, and arresting invaders. The federal government won't do it. We must do it ourselves. That's nothing new for Texans.

  2. The Legislature should also move to make it clear in the law and the Texas Constitution: failure to secure the border is an impeachable offense for the Governor and other officials. Without accountability, we're not going to get the energetic leadership we need to stop the invasion from the south.

Secure, Free, and Fair Elections

The federal government ran a more secure election in Iraq and Afghanistan than it has in the United States of America. That's crazy. Texas can do better!

The basic principle for secure voting is easy to understand: make it easier to vote and harder to cheat.

  1. Make it easier for eligible voters to vote. Provide extended voting hours to make it more convenient to vote after office hours. Reduce the voting period to five days to reduce opportunities to cheat. More clearly mark election sites and election websites to tell elderly and handicapped voters how to get assistance and participate in our elections

  2. Require identification for voting. In-person and mail-in voting should require proof of voting eligibility.

  3. Outlaw ballot harvesting and any drive-though voting.

  4. Allow unfettered observation of all election activities. Poll watchers should be able to go anywhere, any time, to verify state laws are being followed at the polls. That includes observing by electronic means poll closing activities such as data transfers, memory card transfers, and other movement of voting data.

  5. Clear the voter rolls of fraudulent or ineligible voters.

Property Tax Relief For All Texans

Eliminate property taxes.

  1. Phase-out the property tax system entirely.

  2. Allow Texans to vote on a constitutional amendment that puts property taxes on a path to zero.

  3. Place a stronger cap on state spending and then prioritize our budget to guarantee that public schools are fully funded, as school property taxes are phased out .

  4. End the largest portion of property taxes, the public school portion, within two sessions.

  5. Implement cuts to wasteful programs that don’t serve Texans.

  6. Ensure that consumption tax swaps are slow and gradual as property taxes fall significantly. Income taxes are off the table.

Support Texas Education

While parents are busy putting food on the table, they don't have time to monitor the schools on every detail. We need a better system of oversight.

Public schools have strayed far from their mission under the Texas Constitution. The values and beliefs taught in Texas public school often don't reflect the values of Texas. We've got to fix that.

  1. Empower parents in their quest to decide how to best educate their children. All options should be respected as education is not a one size fits all topic. An effective education is the vessel for bright futures.

  2. Prohibit Critical Race Theory in all public schools. Critical Race Theory is simply reverse racism. It creates divisiveness and hatred among our peoples. All racism is wrong. It mustn't be taught in our schools.

  3. Public schools must be prohibited from transgender transitioning of students. That includes social transitioning and cross-dressing kids.

  4. Provide stiff criminal penalties for the inclusion of pornographic material in public libraries, school libraries, and public school instructional materials.

  5. Make it a criminal offense for public school officials to deny parents access to the teaching curricula and instructional materials used to educate their children.

  6. State testing has corrupted public education. Not every child progresses at the same rate. Children have different interests and talents. State testing encourages a one-size-fits-all approach. Testing is also misused. Student testing data is sold and used to classify students. Texas is a state of rugged individualists. State testing encourages just the opposite.

Texas can do better.

Stop Big Tech Censorship

Big Tech is unfriendly to Texas values. These companies have censored, doxxed, and harassed everyday conservatives for too long. Texas can do better.

  1. Treat Big Tech platforms as common carriers. If they edit or curate content, they should be liable for what's said on their platforms. If they allow free speech, they can't be sued for content on their platforms. That's how we treat phone companies, and it works.

  2. Ban the sale of personal data on the private market.It's clear that personal data cannot be anonymized effectively.

  3. Subject tech and social media companies to the same privacy standards as banks and hospitals.

  4. Regulate the use of AI programs to de-anonymize people using public data.

  5. Establish a civil tort that allows people to file suit for public disclosure of private facts. This is the same strategy used by the Texas Heartbeat Bill.

  6. Allow Texas courts to appoint guardian attorneys to protect the interests of anonymous users whose identities have been targeted for unmasking.

Protect Unborn Children

Life begins at conception. No one has the right to kill unborn children. Every child is a blessing on this Earth. Every abortion is an abomination. The State of Texas will be judged by how we treat the smallest of us. I will fight tirelessly to protect children, including the not-yet-born.

  1. The State of Texas must never bow to federal mandates that allow the killing of unborn children.

  2. The State of Texas should form a caucus of states, using the model laws Texas itself created, to establish an abortion-free zone in the United States of America.

  3. The State of Texas should use every regulatory and legal tool to minimize or end abortion within our state borders.

Protect the Right to Keep And Bear Arms

Our rights are secured by maintaining power with the people not the government. That's why the Second Amendment is the most important right guaranteed by the Texas and US Constitutions.

But I go further than that. I believe that the State of Texas should promote gun ownership and marksmanship training as a public good. It's not enough to have a right to gun ownership. We need a citizenry skilled and ready for firearms marksmanship, maintenance, and repair. That's the only guarantee of a free State of Texas.

  1. No sales tax for ammunition, firearms, or gun range fees. Firearms training is a public good just like food and schools.

  2. Gun manufacturers and ammunition manufacturers that want to locate in Texas should receive the same tax abatements and incentives as Tesla, Walmart, and Amazon.

  3. I propose a Texas Civilian Marksmanship Program to work in conjunction with the federal Civilian Marksmanship Program. This program would incentivize schools, cities, and counties  to promote civilian marksmanship and armorer skills.

Medical Freedom For All

No medical emergency should be used to restrict the constitutional rights of Texans. We are a free people. No emergency can justify taking our God-given rights.

  1. Vaccine mandates, and any medical mandate, should be prohibited. The government has no authority to force any citizen into unwanted medical procedures. Every Texan should be secure in their person.

  2. No emergency can justify closure of churches. The government has no authority to limit religious expression. Anywhere. Any time. PERIOD.

Abolish Critical Race Theory In Schools and Government

Critical Race Theory is anti-white racism. No child should be made to feel bad about their race, ethnicity, or family background.

Critical Race Theory is also a civil threat. It pits citizens against citizens. It undermines the cultural and trust bonds that maintain an orderly and prosperous society.

  1. Ban Critical Race Theory from all Texas instruction materials.

  2. Ban teachers and administrators from teaching critical race theory to students.

  3. Allow recall elections for School Board members, school district administrators, and principals.

Ban Transgender Child Abuse

A Texas family court stole my children from me, giving my ex-wife authority to transition my son, James, into a girl. She began to transition James at the age of two. I've spent over a million dollars trying to stop my ex-wife and the courts from chemically castrating my son. An economic crisis for any family. Texas can do better. PERIOD.

The Coppell Independent School District is actively teaching my son that he is a girl. When I took James to school in boy's clothes, the teacher gave him a dress. I wonder where he got the dress? The school says they don't have to call James by his real name. They use a girl's name and actively teach him that he is a girl. They make James use the girl's bathroom at school. Texas can do better.

Every court-ordered psychologist has tried to transition my son to a girl. The American Psychology Association and the Texas Psychology Association require psychologists to affirm children in false gender identities rather than help them identify with their biological sex. Texas can do better.

My son was misdiagnosed by a pediatrician who planned to put him on chemical castration drugs at the age of nine. James is nine, now. If they put James on chemical castration drugs, he'll be permanently maimed and sterilized. He'll never be able to have a family or normal sexual relationship with a wife. The American Academy of Pediatrics requires doctors to affirm children in false gender identities rather than help them identify with their biological sex. Texas can do better.

Texas is one of the nation's largest providers of sex-change surgeries and chemical castration hormone treatments to kids. Read that again. These so-called gender doctors are making millions off the misery of children. Texas can do better.

We must outlaw transgender sexual abuse of children in Texas.

  1. Outlaw sex-change surgeries on kids under eighteen. Make sex-change surgeries an elective surgery on adults.

  2. Outlaw chemical castration of children under eighteen. Prohibit puberty blockers for non-medical purposes. Outlaw the administration of cross-sex hormones to kids which permanently sterilizes them. Make chemical castration an elective procedure on adults.

  3. Prohibit courts, schools, and government agencies from cross-dressing kids under eighteen, without the consent of both parents.

  4. Make it always legal and ethical for psychologists and doctors to help kids to be comfortable with their biological sex.

This is the easiest moral question ever put before the Legislature. Twice now, the Legislature has failed to protect kids. Enough is enough. Outlaw transgender child abuse in Texas.

Protect the Institution Of The Family

The family is the basis of our civilization, our culture, and our government. The Texas Family code does not protect families. Too often, parents are ripped from their children's lives for no good reason.

  1. Make family court interlocutory judgments appealable.

  2. Temporary orders should be temporary. Temporary orders should only have effect for three months.

  3. Reform the best interests of the child doctrine. Fit parents should decide how to raise kids not judges.

  4. All courts should be open to the public by online streaming. Recording should be allowed.

  5. Parents who have lost time with their children due to unproved allegations should have that time returned to them by statute.

Pass All Texas Republican Legislative Priorities

Republican have been in control of the Texas government for twenty-one years. Lawmakers aren't doing their job.

We're not waiting any more.

I'm going to pass the Texas Republican Legislative Priorities.

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